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The Announcement of the IUS et SOCIETAS Award

 The Jan Hus Education Foundation,  the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and The Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University, (hereinafter “Award announcers”) announce in cooperation with the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Czech Republic and the Public Defender of Rights (hereinafter “cooperating institutions”) The Award IUS et SOCIETAS (hereinafter “Award”).

In the year 2015/2016, the Award will be conferred for the original, and yet unpublished essay, containing the most interesting suggestions, views and questions related to the role of law and justice in society. The competition is announced separately for university students on Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral study programmes who submit their essays in the Czech, Slovak or English language.

The essay must include a title page with the following details: selected theme, the  student’s name and title, his/her study programme, institute or workplace, contact details (home address, telephone number, e-mail) and declaration with the text below, including the title of the essay and duly signed by the author:

“I declare that this essay on the theme of: [essay title] is my own work and that I have correctly acknowledged all the resources. I give permission for the first publication of the essay by the Award announcers or cooperating institutions in paper or electronic form.”

The extent of the essay (without title page) must be a maximum of 30 pages, that is 54,000 characters including spaces


The recommendation for the conferment of the Award will be made by a  panel, made up from representatives of the Award announcers and cooperating institutions. The Award consists of a certificate signed by the Chairman of the  Board of Trustees of the Jan Hus Education Foundation, the  Dean of the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University. 

Award-winners will have the right to give a speech at the ceremony. Financial prizes may also be awarded in the total amount of up to 100,000 CZK. The decision on the number and distribution of financial prizes is the exclusive right of the panel.

Time schedule

The essay must be delivered in electronic form to the address int@law.muni.cz and at the same time in written form to the address: The Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Office for Science, International and External Relations, Veveří 70, 611 80 Brno no later than 15. 7. 2016.

The public ceremony announcing the results of the Award will take place in November 2016 in the premises of the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno in the presence of the representatives of the Award announcers, cooperating institutions and other eminent figures.

Further information

More detailed information regarding the Award is available at www.iusetsocietas.cz.

The statute of the Award is published on the web pages of the announcers and cooperating institutions.

For further enquires you may contact Office for Science, International and External Relations, The Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Telephone: +420 549 491 206, E-mail: int@law.muni.cz.

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